Bird Safety Film

More and more, Sonny’s Glass Tinting is receiving requests to install residential and commercial Bird Safety Film for our clients. When installed, Bird Safety Film is designed to discourage birds from flying into reflective glass and prevent any injuries or death. This type of film is made up of sturdy, scratch resistant polyester available in a variety of bid distracting designs that can stand up to most weather conditions. It can easily be applied to any outdoor surface or glass. Typically, Bird Glass Film can last up to 7 years and if needed, can be easily replaced or removed.

Why Choose Bird Safety Film?

Birds can only see the reflection of things like trees or bushes in home or office windows, not the actual glass. To a bird, glass is just an invisible wall that is blocking them from their habitat.

Collisions with buildings are one of the main causes of death among migrant birds in North America. Because birds are confused by their reflection and can’t identify the presence of glass as being solid, they will fly head-on into the windows. Birds will typically die or receive serious injuries that can prevent them from flying.

Along with buildings, birds will fly into walkways between buildings, greenhouses, etc. Birds will only see the trees or bushes on the other side of the glass. This can also happen if they see plants through the windows of an office lobby.

Keep birds safe and prevent any injuries by installing commercial window film today! Sonny’s Glass Tinting is happy to discuss the various types of film we offer and see which is a good fit for your office or building. Contact us today by calling 781-233-3647 or by filling out our online contact form.


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