Casper Privacy Film for Boston Offices

More often than not, commercial buildings are offering open plans and glass walls for their offices and conference rooms. While the open plans and glass walls provide transparency, it also makes it more difficult for meetings to be conducted privately. Everything is out on the table, available for anyone to look at as they pass by.

To help with discretion, Sonny’s Glass Tinting has the perfection solution, Casper Privacy Film. For glass office walls, apply this film to increase security. Passerby’s will be able to see everything through the film, but LCD and LED screens. With Casper Privacy Film, there’s no need to hide your computer screen because it’ll look like a black box to those who are looking from the outside.

With Casper Privacy Film, Boston offices and commercial properties don’t have to sacrifice security for transparency. If you are interested in learning more about this film or would like to receive a quote for install, fill out our online form or call us at 781-233-3647!

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