Designing Decorative & Custom Cut Projects

For years, Architects and Designers have been utilizing etch glass to add privacy and interest to occupied spaces. Etched glass is an attractive way to enhance the appearance  of the glass while, adding privacy and still allowing light to enter the space. However, once the glass is etched, there is no opportunity to change the look, design or pattern without replacing the entire lite of glass. This can be costly, wasteful and in some cases building owners just won’t allow it.
Over the last 15 years or so many new technologies have allowed Window film manufacturers to produce a variety of new tones, colors, opacity levels and visual/physical textures. Some of these films can even be custom cut into different geometric patterns, shapes, logos and more. This allows the material to be utilized for the length it is required and easily removed when desired and a new design installed in its place. Maybe best of all, they offer a lower cost than etched or sand blasted glass and they are far easier to maintain. Frosted film does not hold oils and fingerprints like etching can.

Some of the benefits of Window Film Include:

  • Enhanced Precision:
    • Installation of etched glass can be difficult to line up and/or install square.
    • When installing detailed designs and joining multiple panels, it is especially difficult to make sure everything lines up properly.
  • Lower Installation Costs:
    •  Window Film material and installation costs are much less than etching and sandblasting.
    •  Since installation can be done quickly and without removal (on existing projects) down times for your business is reduced.
  • There is also less chance of glass breakage during installation of window film.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
    • Window Film does not hold oils or fingerprints like etched glass.
    •  Clean up is as easy as with standard glass.
    •  Some films reduce interior fading.
  • Dynamic Design Options
    • Tired of the look? Remove & replace at a fraction of the cost of removing and replacing an etched glass lite.
    • In a lease or renting? Window Film is semi-permanent, it will last as long as you need it to perform.
    • Film Offers Overlays & Colors
    • Photo Realistic Printing and Rendering
    • Graphics, abstract images, logos, text & more!
  • Occupant Safety
    •  In the event of glass breakage, decorative window film can help to hold the shards together to minimize injury.
    •  Film can quickly add privacy to conference & Meeting rooms or anywhere else confidential information may be handled.
    •  Window Film is also a cost effective way to add vision strips to existing doors, windows and partitions to minimize the potential for occupants to walk into the glass.

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