Gasping at Graffiti on your Glass?

Did you know that Sonny’s Glass Tinting can protect your glass from scratching as well as acid etching with a optically clear graffiti film?

Graffiti film is perfect for storefront glass as well as entrances, both inside and out, to protect against graffiti, but also damage from keys and other handheld objects as the doors are pushed open. These films are also perfect for counter tops and display cases, smooth metal, surfaces, mirrors and more! Just think of all the places around you that would normally see lots of contact and/or potential for damage.

In the event that the film is scratched, we will simply come out and replace the film at a fraction of the cost of installing new glass!

For more info on how you can protect your glass, mirrors and metals from vandals and surface contact, give us a call at 781-233-3647!

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