Installing Commercial Window Film in Schools

No matter the age, when parents send their kids off to school, they want to have the feeling that they’ll be safe as they further their education. Unfortunately, the amount of crime and attacks that have occurred at schools and college campuses continues to increase. It’s to the point that teachers and staff are seeking alternate solutions to increase protection. An effective way of protecting those on campus and school grounds has been installing commercial safety film on the windows of the building.

A lot of the time, intruders are able to easily enter school buildings because they’re able to break glass doorways or windows. Installing safety film will aide in preventing these situations from occurring.

How Does Commercial Safety Window Film Work?

When window film is installed in a school or campus, it assists in holding the glass in place instead of letting it shatter when hit. Not only does this act as a warning when an intruder is trying to enter, but it gives educators extra time to execute a lockdown plan. That added time from window film can also give first responders more time to interfere. In a best case scenario, the intruder will tire out and give up having not been able to enter the facility at all. Some films even hold up to blast forces and help to mitigate interior damage.

These films also help to protect from the harmful effects of wind borne flying debris as well during severe weather again, stopping objects such as tree limbs and such from breaking glass and entering the space along with dangerous glass shards.

Improving School Safety Around Boston

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