Layered Custom Cut Vinyl Project in Cambridge, MA

These photos are from a recent install for CRISPR, providers of Gene-based Medicines in Cambridge Ma.

The architects, R.E. Dinneen, were looking for a layered custom cut vinyl. This is a difficult process as getting all of the pieces to line up and have a seamless look, with little or no light gap is very tricky.

Sonny’s Glass Tinting offered a new solution, printing the clients color choices onto 3M Dusted Crystal. This allows us to dial in the exact colors desired and ensure a precise placement. Further, the color can still be seen from the inside of the room, allowing a consistent look from both sides.

The key is to accurately measure the glass, once installed. This tends to hold back the process a little as most of the time, clients are looking to take occupancy as soon as the glass arrives but fortunately, the installation is non-invasive and can easily be done without disrupting business.

In this case, the clients had a large event coming up and final design touches came down to the last minute. We received the design on 10/27, had the new plan priced by 11/2, samples printed to the design spec were sent on 11/3 (the same day as the glass was finally installed) with a sample approval on 11/4, and the materials were printed and installed by 11/17.

Of course, not all projects go this quickly and sometimes there are scheduling conflicts. Projects like these, which run smoothly and have stunning end results, tend to be extra special to us.

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