Other Benefits of Window Film

While saving on your monthly energy bills is one of the main benefits of window film, there are many other beneficial uses.

Enhance Décor

Installing decorative window film can brand a department, internally or externally, whether it’s in an office, hotel or restaurant. We are able to custom create your window film from different sizes, textures, patterns & colors to make any room stand out. Using frosted films, we are also able to create the look of etched glass.

Increase Security

Installing a window film, in your home or office, can improve the safety of glass panels when they are broken or damaged. Using a security window film offers a barrier that keeps glass in place when obstructed. If a window breaks, instead of broken glass everywhere, the security window film will aid in keeping the glass in place to protect bystanders from injury. In glass storefronts, window films make doorways more obvious, reducing the chance of someone walking into it.

Improve Insect Control

Insects have a tendency to gather around areas with lots of sun exposure. During the day, smaller amounts of insects may meet around glass with window film because of its capability to regulate solar heat gain & UV rays. This can be particularly accommodating in storefronts, hotels, restaurants & offices. At night, having window film helps in decreasing how much light is being released through your exterior glass.

Creating Privacy

Installing window film can hide cluttered areas, create levels of privacy for staff-only zones & generate visual separation between employees. By using decorative film, you can control as much of a view you would like, without obstructing any daylight.

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