Privacy Window Film For Your Boston Home or Office

window designGlass windows and doors give Boston homes and offices an elegant and polished look, but can compromise your privacy. To help with this issue, you can add privacy window film to any glass surfaces to ensure your business stays behind closed doors. Whether it’s your bedroom, office or bathroom door, privacy window film can be installed wherever you’d like!

Benefits of Privacy Window Film 

  • While direct sunlight has its’ own benefits, it can be uncomfortable at some points. Too much light can give off uncomfortable glares and heat, which leaves you restless at work or at home. While you can draw your blinds at curtains, using privacy window film will help to decrease this unnecessary amount of glare and heat. The film can also help to diffuse the light coming into to reduce hot spots, evening the spread of the lighting throughout the room.
  • UV rays are an extremely dangerous effect of the sun because it can cause serious skin issues like cancer. While you should be wearing sunblock when you’re outside, you shouldn’t have to inside your home or office. Reduce these harmful UV rays and protect yourself by installing privacy window film.
  • The thin layer of privacy window film is what will make the area in your home or office private with minimal light reduction. Windows and doors that are placed towards the street and have clear glass are appropriate mediums for frost films to protect the glass and obstruct the view from outside, especially at the main doors. This can also be used for glass partitions in offices to give the feeling of an increase in personal space for employees.
  • Films are offered in a variety of patters, textures, colors and more to match any décor or style. Custom patterns are also available to dial in on your own ideas.

If you are interested in increasing the privacy of your Boston home or office, consider installing privacy window films today! Sonny’s Glass Tinting is happy to answer any questions you may have about our different types of window film. Contact us today by calling 781-233-3647 or by filling out our online form.

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