3 Eco-Friendly Office Updates

officeHaving a positive office environment is important and by making a few small changes, you will see a drastic improvement in the mood and productivity of the employees on your team. Having an office that is eco-friendly is the first step you can make to increase the positivity and will also save you money.

Here are three eco-friendly updates to make in your office:

Use Smart Lighting Systems

There are new lighting systems available for commercial spaces that adjust the lighting in a space dependent on the amount of outdoor light that is coming into the space as well as occupancy levels. There are also less-advanced systems that are set on a timer, so the lights will automatically turn on and off at the time you set them to do so. Both set ups save money because less energy is being used via the lighting system.

Another easy change is switching out the incandescent lightbulbs for LED light bulbs, which use an average of 90% less energy.

Make Recycling Easy

Individuals are more likely to recycle when it is made convenient to them. By setting up recycling bins throughout your office that are labeled individually for plastic, paper, and bottles, the amount of recyclable items that are thrown away in the regular trash will drastically decrease. If you want to take the next step, set up a composting bin in your kitchen/cafeteria for employees to easily dispose of uneaten food.

Install Window Film

Commercial window film is very beneficial for businesses and can even help increase productivity among employees. Window film will block UV rays from entering the building, reducing glare and fading of furniture as well as reducing the usage of your heating system and air conditioner, thus reducing your energy bill. Window film will also give your businesses additional privacy from individuals passing by.

Creating an office space that is eco-friendly doesn’t have to be complicated and by making these three steps, you’re going to be making strides towards a greener environment. Installing window tinting is very easy and Sonny’s Glass Tinting is here to answer any questions you might have about the process.

To learn more about our commercial window film options, give us a call today at (781) 233-3647.

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