5 Ideas for Decorative Window Film Design

Do you have a lot of glass enclosed conference rooms or empty walls and are interested in an easy, modern way to decorate your office space? Our decorative film options provide modern design, privacy, and can help reduce glare on sunny days. It’s a win-win if you ask us! If you’re stuck for ideas, these recent window film design jobs should help spark your creative side.

1. Conference Room Privacy Design

This custom design project for VM Ware thru Century Glass was printed white ink on 3M Dusted Crystal with custom cut top to contour the design. The white link is done in various opacity levels to create the triangular pattern.

Conference Room Privacy Design

2. Half Wall Design

This window film application, designed and cut by Jimmy, was installed at a local pool to provide privacy for those utilizing the pool.

Half Wall Design

3. City Map

This city map of Boston designed by Gensler for VIASAT (located in Boston) offers privacy and a sense of pride for the city.

Map of Boston

4. Abstract Branding and Design

This installation for Microsoft in Burlington, MA designed by Sasaki Associates was applied to both conference rooms and the lobby of their office. The conference rooms are a custom cut 3M 60% Diffuser Film and the lobby section that features the logo on the wall, was done using a custom print process on optically clear Wincos film with a laminate to protect the print during cleaning and surface contact.

Microsoft Window Film

5. Wall Graphics

If you’re interested in adding personality to the walls of your office, restaurant, or other commercial property, wall graphics are a great option! We offer a variety of shades and colors to match your brand whether you opt for a logo, text, or graphic elements.

Wall Graphics

Are you ready to spruce up your commercial space with decorative window film? Give us a call today at (781) 233-3647 to set up your appointment!

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