5 Ways to Protect Your Commercial Building

commercial buildingDon’t wait for accidents to happen, and your insurance to go up: it makes sense to address potential issues with your commercial building now, rather than later. This way you can protect your investment. Here are five key ways you can protect your commercial building.

Stronger Glass

We’ve all driven through rougher parts of town and seen the businesses with shattered glass or boarded up windows. Adding a layer of clear tinted film to your window glass can help your panes remain intact and less vulnerable to damage, whether it’s weather-related, accidental, or intentional. In the case of an accident, window films hold all the shards of glass into place—lowering the risk of injury to people, and damage to your merchandise.

Alarm Cues

Not all companies actually invest in an alarm system—they can be a hefty expense for young companies, and they aren’t always effective. It’s good to at least have alarm “cues” however, such as a sticker that says you have a security system (whether or not you do) along with a motion-activated beep when anyone comes in through the door. Most criminals aren’t going to stick around and test whether your alarm is “real” or not.

Window Tinting

If you normally have expensive merchandise on display close to the windows, commercial window tinting can be used to reduce the likelihood that people see in from the outside, and become tempted. Making sure that criminals can’t see in ensures that forming a plan on how to quickly rob you is a lot harder.

Block UV Rays

Have you ever noticed how a carpet or floor exposed to sunlight year after year becomes faded, and sometimes brittle? Or the way signs go from shiny and new to losing all their color? Keep the interior of your business looking fresh by preventing UV ray damage. Today, windows can be tinted in order to keep UV rays out, while still letting plenty of light in.

Be Proactive

Have you noticed that every time it rains, the corner of your storefront business starts dripping? Rather than just putting a bucket out, be proactive about taking care of your property and find out whether it’s a leaky pipe or a leaky roof. Either problem should be taken care of before it damages your ceiling and potentially leads to mold growth.

When it comes to your commercial building, are you being proactive? Have you opted for commercial window tinting for blocking out UV rays, or stronger glass? Contact the window film experts at Sonny’s Glass Tinting for more information at 781-233-3647.

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  1. Reply Sam Li

    I like your advice about adding clear tinted film to your commercial windows. I believe that commercial glass is a worthwhile investment. If I were to need new windows, I would call a specialized business in town.

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