5 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Spring is here and before you know it, we’ll be experiencing the sweltering hot New England summer. Whether you don’t have air conditioning in your home or are looking for ways to reduce your energy bills, these tips will help you keep you cool all summer long.

sunny bedroomLimit the usage of appliances

Avoid using the oven on hot days to eliminate excess heat in your home. Instead, utilize your microwave, an outdoor grill, or eat cold sandwiches and salads! Go above and beyond by limiting the number of lights being used in your home, turn off fans, and unplug electronics that are not being used.

Install window film

Installing window film in your home will balance out uneven temperatures, protect your furniture and flooring from fading, and reduce your energy bills. Window film will reflect the harmful UV rays and stop them from entering your home, keeping your space cooler and reducing glare.

Open windows and door

Opening your windows and doors at night will let the cool air into your home and allow the warm air to escape. Once the temperatures start warming up, close the windows and pull the shades down to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home from the suns rays.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated on hot, humid days by drinking plenty of water and when you go outside, be sure to wear a hat to further protect yourself from the sun. When showering, take a lukewarm to cold shower and don’t dry off completely. This will allow the excess water to be soaked up by your skin, further hydrating it.

Pick light-weight fabrics

During the hot summer months, be selective with the fabrics you wear and utilize for your bedding. Cotton and linen are your best options – they’re both light-weight, breathable, and soak up sweat easily, keeping you dry.

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