Adding Security With Glass Tinting

Window tinting is far more than just an aesthetic feature available for vehicles. Glass films can be added to the windows and doors of your home, office, or school to protect the people and belongings inside. Even when they add privacy from the outside, shaded window films are often not even noticeable to those inside. In many cases, glass films can be a critical step towards the safety & security of a building.

Shatter Proofglass shards on floor

Windows can shatter for a number of reasons, including natural disasters such as earth quakes, high winds, & tornadoes. During fires, windows can even shatter due to sheer pressure. In these events, glass shards can cause serious injuries to those remaining inside or needing to escape. Whether it be in a home, school, or business, less shatter rate means a lower chance of injury should something happen to a window. Depending on the thickness selected for your window film, you will still be able to break out in case of emergency.


With privacy comes security. When it comes to your home, no one should be able to see in your windows. Tinted windows protect your personal need for privacy, as well as keep your valuables hidden from view. A thicker film can further prevent break-ins by making the glass more difficult to break. Along with helping in your home, tinted windows and doors are also essential for the safety of classrooms & schools so that an intruder cannot see inside. Companies with confidential files, meetings, & items that need a higher level of privacy will also benefit from window films to keep office security tight.

Better yet, window films do not have to be the classic dark color associated with window tinting, as commonly seen on vehicles. If the goal is privacy in an office or conference room, a white film is a popular option A light shade of window film might also be ideal for a bathroom, especially on the first floor of a home. There are various other benefits to glass tinting, but safety can be your deciding factor to make the move towards tinted glass.

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