Advantages of Glass Films for Storefronts

Maintaining a beautiful storefront that can withstand daily activity is a priority for many business and restaurant owners. One of the best ways to help prevent damage and keep the store looking in good condition is to use professional-grade window films. There are several great advantages to using glass films for storefronts that go beyond just a nice appearance.

They Help with Security

A large glass front can prove to be a tempting entryway for would-be intruders. Most glass shatters thoroughly and allows immediate entry into a store or restaurant. A high-quality glass film will turn your windows both shatterproof and ballistic (bullet) resistant. This means your store will be less of a target from smash and grab robberies and any other type of forced entry.

Temperature Control and Energy Savings

Large expanses of glass can quickly become a problem if they receive direct sunlight. They’ll allow bright light and heat to pass through, turning your store into an oven if not taken care of. Additionally, UV rays from the sun can be damaging to your products, which can fade them or damage the materials. A tinted film can prevent these issues by making sure the sun stays outside where it belongs.

An added bonus of this temperature and sunlight control is that your business will experience much lower energy bills. You won’t have to run the air conditioning as much or as heavily if you can prevent the heat from the sun from entering the store.

Glass Protection

Glass is quite fragile; it can break spontaneously, from heavy wind or hail, or from vandalism. A glass film will help make sure that your storefront windows remain in good condition and are protected from anything that will break, scratch, or chip the glass. And many newer types of window films have anti-graffiti technology, so you can say so long to vandalism.

Advertising and Branding Potential

Not all window films are plain and clear. There are many newer options for professionally designed films that can be printed with your brand and logo or with advertisements for sales or special offers. A sleek film with a great design can help you draw in customers and see a rise in sales.

Expert Window Films in Boston, MA

Sonny’s Glass Tinting works with local businesses in Boston & beyond to create custom-designed window films for storefronts, commercial buildings, and residential properties. Professionally installed window films are a great investment for any business with a large glass storefront. If you’re ready to take the plunge, contact Sonny’s Glass Tinting today to book a consultation with an expert glass film company to find the right choice for your needs. 781-233-3647

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