Are Expert Window Films Worth It?

Safety and security are of the utmost importance for business owners. When it comes to managing a store or restaurant, that security is often compromised if there is a large glass storefront. And even though glass windows are the best way to go with regards to design, they can be a weak point where would-be intruders can enter. All it takes is a rock thrown through the glass to have the whole thing come shattering down. Window films are a specialized type of window protection that can offer a ton of benefits for business owners looking to improve security and customer experience. Here’s why they’re worth it.

They Use Quality Materials

A high-quality window security film is usually made up of one or more layers of a specialized polyester. When more than one layer is used, the layers are stuck together with a unique type of glue. The thicker the layers, the longer-lasting and more resilient the film will be. Thicker layers are much more suited for security purposes.

However, as technology advances, manufacturers can create thin films that have just as much strength, if not more, than their thicker counterparts. For instance, a standard security film will be around 15 millimeters thick. A nanotechnology-based layer with half that thickness can offer just as much protection against bullets, bombs, bricks, and extreme weather.

When made with high-quality materials, professional window films will offer you much more protection at a lower cost than replacing your windows with laminated glass.

They’re Installed By Experts

Creating and applying the best window films is a job for the experts, so when you decide to go with a professional glass film company, you can be assured that the films will be installed correctly the first time. To achieve the best results for your glass storefront, do a bit of research into local options. You’ll want to find a company that specializes in window films, which can be difficult since many film manufacturers will sell their glass films to a variety of sellers. To get the best service, ask if the installers have certificates of training from the manufacturer of the particular film. Experts will be well-versed in proper installation.

They Can Be Customized

Window films are not only useful, but they’re incredibly versatile as well. Professional film companies will be able to offer a variety of different elements to help you create the best window film for your business. Here are a few components that can be customized:

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Type of film
  • Sun-control
  • Panes

Keep in mind that customizing these elements will also affect the final cost of your window film.

Book Custom Glass Films in Boston, MA

With all the added security and assurance of an expert window film, there’s no reason not to make this investment for your business. If you’re ready to get started on bringing high-quality window films to your home or business, give the experts at Sonny’s Glass Tinting a call to set up a consultation! 781-233-3647

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