Benefits of Residential Window Film

Living RoomWindows are the eyes of your home – it’s how you see what’s going on in the world around you and how you bring natural light into your home. Having large, open windows with a lot of natural light coming through is a big selling point when someone is looking for a new home but they are often covered up by blinds and curtains. Sure, the blinds and curtains provide security and help with high energy bills. With residential window film, homeowners can take advantage of their large, open windows and say goodbye to the blinds and curtains that are blocking the natural light they originally fell in love with.

The benefits of residential window film:

Increased energy savings

Window film creates a comfortable environment while lowering your energy bill each month. Having window film installed will help with heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer to keep your homes temperature comfortable.

Protect your home and belongings

Window film reduces glare and harmful UV rays that can discolor and fade the furniture and flooring in your home. While you can simply protect your belongings from fading with curtains, you lose the natural light. With window film, you get the best of both worlds – natural lighting and protection for your home and belongings. Window film can even be applied to skylights and windows on your roof for added protection.

Safety and protection

Residential window film helps block harmful UV rays from entering your home and eliminates damage to your family’s health. Window film also adds extra layers of protection to your windows to reduce damage from natural disasters, theft, and glass-related injuries.

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