Calm Reactive Dogs With Window Films

We all love our pets, but having a reactive dog can cause stress for all members of a household. Whether your dog sees the mailman as a threat to safety or simply has a high prey drive when he sees birds outside, listening to barking day after day is less than ideal. Luckily, there are plenty of measures you can take to help calm your reactive dog and give yourself some peace of mind! Along with professional training, installing window films can prevent your dog’s reactive behavior by removing the stimulus altogether.

Reduces Barking & Animal’s Stress Level

The root of a reactive animal’s behavior is that they are overly stressed by external factors. With opaque window films, your animal will no longer be able to see the walkers, cars, or other animals that bother him. Having less to react to will reduce his stress and yours!

Brings Peace & Quiet

No matter how much we love our pets, we don’t want to hear them bark all day and night. Once you take measures to prevent your reactive dog’s behavior, you will have a break from the barking so you can live life uninterrupted. Whether you’re on the phone, putting the baby down for a nap, or doing anything else that requires no background noise, the barking will no longer be a worry!

Still Allows Natural Light

Other options for blocking windows include blackout curtains or shades. These completely block out all natural light, and there is a high chance that your animal will push past them anyway.  Window films allow natural light through, and cannot be tampered with by your animal.

One Time Investment

When you choose high-quality window films with expert installation, your investment will stand the test of time. While lower quality products might peel or fade over time, Madico, SolarGard, Sunscape, and other products used by the professionals at Sonny’s Glass Tinting come with expert installation and have the best quality on the market. When the time comes, they can be removed without damaging the window glass underneath. Our experts can recommend which product will work best for your needs, and we will custom fit your window films to your home.

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