Casper Cloaking Technology

Casper Cloaking TechnologyWith a push for more transparent, collaborative work environments and company leaders becoming more visible to improve company culture, keeping sensitive information displayed on screens in glass-walled meeting areas protected can be difficult. Even though it eliminates the sense of openness in the workplace, installing and pulling blinds in glass-walled conference room seem like the only solution but alas – Casper Cloaking Technology is here to help!

With the ability to keep open spaces, open, but keep sensitive information displayed on screens protected, Casper Cloaking Technology is the truly the ideal solution for balancing a transparent, collaborative environment.



Working as a smart shield, Casper Cloaking Technology shields sensitive information that is displayed on LED and LCD screens while giving you the opportunity to have an open, collaborative space. Anyone located within the space will be able to see the information on the screen freely but those outside of the space will see individuals collaborating but when the screen will appear black.

Interested in a subtle layer of visual privacy? There are several graphics through the Casper product that provide that layer of privacy without closing off the space.


LED and LCD displays filter out specific light oscillations and by filtering them even more, Casper is able to render the display light invisible.


Engineered to work with most LED and LCD displays that are 40 inches or larger, Carper Cloaking Technology is recommended for conference rooms, meeting rooms, and team studios.


Casper Cloaking Technology is installed on the inside of the space with the display but if you are interested in adding a subtle layer of visual privacy, Casper offers additional graphic films that can be added to the outside of the glass.

How Casper Cloaking Technology Works

  1. Casper Cloaking Technology selectively cloaks light transmitted by LED displays
  2. For those outside of the room, the space will be completely visible minus the content on the LED screen

Casper Cloaking Technology is the perfect balance of openness and privacy in the workplace.

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