Film Benefits

  • UV Protection – Madico Films Block 99% of Ultra Violet Rays
  • Increased Comfort-by Blocking Heat and Reducing Glare
  • Climate Control & Energy Savings- Madico Films can reduce HVAC costs by reducing the entry of solar energy, while retaining heat during cooler months.
  • Improved Aesthetics- Madico Films give a sleep, uniform look to your exterior and add value to your investment.
  • Decolite Films- Enhance the look of glass anywhere. With a variety of shades, textures, colors and patterns, we can create a look specialized for your specific needs.
  • Safety Protect Safety Film- can hold glass together during accidents, attacks or natural disasters.
  • Security Protect Film- can hold glass together under some of the worst conditions nature and man can dish out.
  • Protect Film-help guard again burglary (smash and grab theft) and vandalism (graffiti).
  • Privacy Madico Films-offer a wide arrange of translucent, reflective and opaque films to improve your desired amount of privacy.

Check out these educational videos to learn more on film benefits