How Can Glass Films Help with Office Security?

Keeping your office secure is a non-negotiable when it comes to owning a business. However, the vulnerable places of your business may be the most difficult to protect against vandalism and theft. Entry after hours is one of the top times that thefts take place at most businesses. Glass films can add security and peace of mind even when your business is closed. 

Do glass films help with office security?

Glass films can come as both protective additions to public-facing glass windows and also tinted to provide privacy internally for your customers and staff. Adding professional quality glass film to the windows of your business can make them shatterproof, which prevents injury. Also, glass film deters thefts by making windows more difficult to break into as an entry point for vandals and thieves.

Increased Privacy

Clients and employees alike appreciate privacy while they are in the office of your business. This is especially true if the company has large, publicly facing windows or is located on the ground floor. To increase privacy, glass films with tints can be added to windows. Glass tint film will keep sunlight out of the eyes of your customers and employees while keeping their visibility from strangers on the street to a minimum. 

Shatter Proof

Glass films act as a cohesive barrier that the glass can hold onto if broken. This prevents the window from breaking into pieces and shattering, making a mess and creating a hazard. Instead, the window will break but remain one piece held together by the glass film, making it virtually shatterproof. 

Prevents Injury From Broken Glass

Making your windows of your business shatterproof with glass film can also help to keep people from being injured from broken glass shards in the event of an emergency. This is important if you have high traffic areas with many people around. Shatter proofing your windows with glass film can save you thousands in litigation because of injury. 

Professional Glass Film Installation in the Boston Area


Dealing with broken glass and strangers peering in on your office are issues that are simply never wanted by any business owner. Instead, having professionally designed & installed glass films is the way to go. From design to permitting, to installation, Sonny’s Glass Tinting has you covered every step of the way. Give us a call today to get started on the glass films perfect for your business! 781-233-3647

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