How Can I Save Money with Commercial Window Tint?

Like most people, Boston business owners are always looking to save money in any way they can. One way that often goes unnoticed includes installing commercial window tint to your office. Here are a couple of ways business owners can decrease their overhead costs.

  • Increase Productivity

Without window tint, sunlight can cause a glare on employee’s computer screens that can make it difficult to see thus making it difficult to work. The glare can also cause strain on their eyes and headaches, which can make it challenging to focus on the task at hand. By installing window tint, these problems are removed and employees are able to concentrate and complete their work.

  • Protect Furnishings

Over time, the upkeep of furniture, paint and floors can become costly. Because sunlight brings in harmful UV rays, light and heat, the three major contributors of fading, your furnishings will begin to fade and won’t last nearly as long. Protect your furnishings with commercial window tint so you can put off any items that may need replacement.

  • Decrease Energy Consumption

During the summer, the sun shines down on your building, causing office temperatures and cooling costs in increase. With tinted office windows, the sun’s rays get repelled, which will keep the office cooler and your cooling costs down. Depending on the amount of windows your office has, you could save anywhere from 10-20%.

  • Decrease the Chance of a Break-In

With tinted office windows, it will be more difficult for a burglar to see exactly what is inside your building. Meaning, they won’t be able to determine if the office is occupied or not and if you have any valuable equipment.

  • Decrease the Chance of Storm Damage

As many Boston residents know, we get hit by a lot of various storms that can include strong winds and hail. By installing commercial window tint, you’re adding more protection from the effects of these storms. Along with adding protection, you’ll save money and time on replacing damaged property.

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