How Schools Can Benefit from Window Film

ClassroomHomeowners, business owners, and drivers have been using and benefiting from window film for decades. Window film is now quickly gaining popularity in various other industries as well. With school budgets decreasing each year, window film is a great option to keep students, teachers, and staff safe while also reducing energy costs. Considering window film for your school? Check out these benefits:

Improves Energy Efficiency

Schools are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient and reduce energy costs. As budgets become smaller, it’s not always feasible to pay thousands of dollars each year to keep schools at a comfortable temperature. By installing window film, the amount of solar heat and outdoor temperatures that enter the building are drastically reduced, thus lowering energy costs.

Reduces Glare

Many modern classrooms utilize different forms of technology every day including computers and tablets, which can be hard to see from the glare of the sun. This directly impacts productivity in students and the ability to get work done. Sun glare can also cause loss of focus and the ability to see what’s being taught even in classrooms that don’t regularly use technology. Window film will drastically reduce the glare that enters a classroom and unlike shades and blinds, will still allow the room to have natural light.

Increases Safety & Security

In addition to your typical window film, there are also numerous types of safety and security window films that can be installed to keep your school, students, and staff members safe in hazardous situations. In the case of dangerous situation, safety film will keep the glass of the windows together and reduce mitigation damage.

Decoration & Branding

Window film doesn’t just have to go on windows – there are also options that can be placed on walls for decoration and branding purposes. Is your school lacking creativity in the hallways and in classrooms? A variety of shapes, sizes, and colors can be printed and applied to your walls to add personality to the space, along with the schools logo.

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