How to Choose Window Film for Your Commercial Building

When a customer or potential customer enters an establishment, one of the first things they will notice is the look and feel of your establishment. Let’s face it – the glow of light bulbs indoors doesn’t even come close to comparing to the benefits of natural lighting. Although the big windows throughout your establishment bring in the gorgeous natural lighting are amazing, they can also cause a lot of damage to the inside of your business. That’s where window film comes into play.

Energy-Saving BenefitsCommercial Window Film

The energy savings business owners see from their window film installation is reason enough alone to have it installed at your establishment. The adhesive helps block the heat from moving through the windows, keeping the interior cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. This will allow you to adjust the temperature on the thermostat, thus lowering your energy costs and reducing the amount of wear on your HVAC system.

How Much UV-Protection Do You Need?

UV Rays are extremely damaging, especially to the furniture and flooring inside of a building. When an establishment has several windows, they are more susceptible to fading from visible sunlight, solar heat, and Ultraviolet Rays. By installing window film on your windows, you’ll be able to preserve the integrity of the furnishings inside of your business as well as the damaging effects of too much sun on the skin of individuals inside. We offer window film with various strengths of UV protection to ensure your property is properly protected.

Does Your Business Require Privacy?

If your property has office windows at street level, there is typically very little privacy for those inside from individuals passing by without the assistance of curtains or blinds. With a reflective window film, those passing by your business won’t be able to see in, but your employees will still be able to see out. This will also help reduce the amount of glare that can distract your team from being productive. There are also branding and decorative options available to help spruce up the space.

Does Your Business Require Enhanced Security?

Utilizing an alarm system and locking the access points to your business will slow down intruders but will not deter them. If unwelcomed guests have trouble gaining access to your business via the doors, they will often access an establishment through the windows. With window film applied, it is more difficult for intruders to smash the window giving the alarm system more time to contact authorities.

Window film is also extremely beneficial during natural disasters as the adhesive will keep the glass from shattering and blowing everywhere. There are also a variety of anti-graffiti products as well to help reduce the cost of replacement services if a vandal strikes!

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