How to Maintain Curb Appeal During Business Renovations

Renovating your business or office space is an exciting time – It means bigger & better is soon to come! In the eyes of clients and customers, however, renovations can appear messy and unorganized if they are not executed with your audience in mind. There are several measures you can take that will make or break the appearance of your renovations before your big reveal is ready. Here’s what you need to do!

Section Things Off

If you are planning to keep your business in operation during your construction, you will want to make a plan with your contractors ahead of time to section things off. Keeping the construction as separate from your clients as possible will minimize disruption in their experience. If you are staying in business during construction, you might want to conduct renovations in stages, moving from one side of the office or store to the other.

Opaque Glass Films

If the renovations are behind a certain section of an office, you can find ways to eliminate the space from view. Take advantage of glass partitions by covering them with opaque glass film. In this case, glass films double as a safety & security feature – Glass films prevent shattering or even scratches to the glass underneath, an important element of protection when construction is nearby!

You can even utilize glass films if your business is closed for renovation – Use them on your storefront to brand the space while still keeping the messy construction under wraps. If your location hasn’t opened yet, start creating a buzz with branded films! Glass films are fast to install and can be removed just as fast when renovations are over and ready to be showcased.

Consider Multiple Perspectives

Renovating your business is not something to do on a whim. You will want a clear strategy for what parts of your daily operations are being improved on, and how. Remember to improve things for all – This includes not just your customers or clients, but also your employees. If needed, get feedback from both parties before solidifying your plans! You should also consider these perspectives during renovations. Try to ensure as little disruption to daily operations as possible, by keeping construction out of the way of shoppers, clients, or staff.

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