How to Manage Glare in Your Office

office glareThroughout the workday, many individuals experience some sort of glare at some point or another that hinders that from being productive, seeing their computer screen during a meeting, or even causes eye strain or headaches. Natural light is key to keeping your employees happy and productive but with natural light, comes glare. How can you manage it so it’s not having a negative effect on their health and day-to-day responsibilities?

1. Install Window Film

The beauty of window film is that your windows won’t look any different with film installed, but it completely changes the way people both inside and out see your business. And lucky for you, UV-blocking window film will reduce the glare in your office without having to install shades or blinds, which blocks the light altogether.

2. Install Shades or Blinds

Installing shades or blinds for the windows in your office can be expensive and take time to install from the date of purchase to the time it takes to receive them. Many offices try to stay away from installing these because they will alter the look and feel of the space but they are customizable! If you don’t want to have to deal with walking to each one to adjust them, be sure to install ones that utilize a remote.

3. Design with the Sun in Mind

If the glare in your office has been an issue for a long time, try rearranging the office space with the suns patterns in mind. Have employees sitting at their desks facing windows to reduce the glare on their computer screens and place whiteboards in conference rooms directly across from windows.


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