How to Protect Yourself from UV Rays

Did you know your skin is your largest organ? It can be easy to forget since it is all over the outside of your body, but it’s true! Keeping your skin healthy is vital to avoid skin cancer, premature aging, and much more. The most basic & important aspect of protecting your skin is to avoid UV rays. Use these tips in your daily life to limit UV ray exposure! 

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be worn daily, not just when you’re at the beach. Use a daily SPF of at least 20 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Sunscreen should be reapplied every 2-3 hours or after you get wet. Some makeups & moisturizers even contain SPF to make it easier than ever to incorporate into your daily routine! 

Use Sunglasses

Your eyes and the delicate skin that surrounds them can be very quickly affected by UV rays. Wear sunglasses that cover your eyes, as well as the skin right above and below the eye to protect these sensitive areas. Spending time in the sun is not worth weakening your vision! 

Stay in the Shade

In addition to protective gear, you should limit time in direct sunlight. If you’re outside, look for a shady spot under a tree to protect yourself even further. If you’ll be out somewhere with no shade, carry a small umbrella to keep the sun off your skin. 

Keep Covered

It might be tempting to wear minimal clothing in the hot weather, but this also leaves more of your skin exposed to UV rays. Opt for light clothing that covers more of your skin surface. Dark-colored clothing is more effective at deflecting the sun’s rays, but anything is better than nothing!

Window Tints

Did you know that UV rays can penetrate through glass? This means that depending on your office or home, you are still sitting within the danger zone even when you are indoors. This will not only harm your skin, but also fade your carpets, flooring, and furniture faster. Sonny’s Glass Tinting offers professional-grade films to protect the inside of your home or office from UV rays. Window films are custom designed, professionally installed, and implemented in accordance with local ordinances & regulations.

Avoiding UV rays is the best way to keep your skin healthy and avoid harmful medical conditions related to UV exposure. Go out today to purchase your SPF, sunglasses, protective clothing, and schedule your appointment for a window tint to stay protected when indoors. 

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