Keep Cool This Summer with Window Films

The process of heat rejection is a smart and efficient way to reduce your cooling charges. This process works by preventing extra heat from coming into your property. Installing window films in your commercial or residential property is a great and effective way to accomplish this. Property owners can acquire up to 80% of solar heat rejection with window films. Installing window films can reduce your cooling costs by as much as 30%!

When it comes to rejecting heat, any window film will usually do the job, but today’s high quality film will sift through any damaging UV rays. As it filters out these rays, these window films will still let visible light to enter the film. This will help in preserving the inside of your home and belongings.

Not only do UV rays affect your energy costs, but they can cause damage to your belongings and furniture. When you install window film, it protects the fabric of your furniture and your art from fading. The protection of window film can save you money in the event that you needed to replace anything.

Along with heat rejection, there are various other benefits of window film. It prevents UV rays from harming the occupants of the home. It allows for more natural light to enter your home, decreasing the necessity for artificial lighting. Window films will also remove any hot spots, helping to eliminate the constant run of your air conditioning.

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