Lowering your Energy Bill with Window Film

Saving money on bills whenever possible is very important to homeowners, especially during the hot summer months and freezing cold winter months. As summer is ending, it’s time to start thinking about what steps you can take now to see a change in your electric bill that you’ll be receiving for the next six months. One of the easiest ways to save on your energy bill that most homeowners look over is window film. So how exactly does it help your energy bill?

Saves on Cooling Costs

Energy bills tent to be extremely high during the hot, summer months due to the high cost of cooling. By having window film installed in your home, you can drastically reduce your energy bills during these months and your wallet will thank you. When deciding on the film you want on your windows, be sure to select one that reduces the main cause of heat which include Visible Light, infrared Light and UV. These three items combined are the major causes of heat entering the home through the windows. This will allow you to keep the temperature on the thermostat a little higher and will reduce the effort of your HVAC system.

Eliminates Hot & Cold Spots

Hot and cold spots in your home result from areas receiving too much or too little sunlight entering a room. Window film allows these hot and cold spots even out resulting in consistent temperatures throughout your home and eliminating the need for supplemental heating or cooling devices.

Keeps Warm Air In

Many homeowners are aware that the sun-facing rooms in their home tent to be warmed thanks to the suns warm rays even when it’s freezing outside. But windows are also the cause of heat loss in your home as well. Window film can help your home become more efficient, allow the suns warm rays to still enter (& heat) your home, and reduce heat loss.

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