Because these films can prevent up to 86% of heat from entering, your home air conditioning expenses will decrease. The same goes for heating costs in the winter. Residential films, also, prevent your furniture from fading by blocking 99% of UV rays.


Commercial window films are designed to assist building owners in lowering money spent on ac and heating costs. Not only do they help with lowering expenses, they increase property safety. Because commercial films hold broken glass in place, there is less percentage of injury and makes it more challenging for burglars to enter. By using Madico commercial films, natural light is let in, without any glares. Light glare caused by other window films decreases work productivity. Much like residential films, commercial films, also, help prevention of fading in your furnishings and belongings. 


Decorative window films transform  the look of regular glass into a unique, etched glass at a much more budget friendly price. These films are easily customizable so creating personalized designs is a breeze. With many different patterns available, our decorative films are ideal for office entrances, conference rooms & partitions.

Safety & Security

Our safety & security films are designed to protect your home from the risks of natural disasters, crime and vandalism.

  • Instead of boarding up your windows during a storm, consider Madico safety & security window films. Usually, winds can cause window glass to shatter, but with our films, we can avoid that. This will prevent personal injury and internal damage from winds coming inside your home.
  • Because our window films don’t shatter, once a burglar sees this, they are most likely to leave the premise.
  • Not only is vandalism an annoyance, it, also, can take a toll on your bank account to fix it. Installing safety & security window films will prevent you from having to re-install new windows every time. If you do run into repeated vandalism, you only have to replace the film and not the whole window.