5 Ways Window Tint Can Benefit Your Business

A common misconception of window tint is that it is only for blacking out the windows of an automobile, but the truth is, there are several different uses for the film in both residential and commercial atmospheres. Window film has numerous different advantages that a business can benefit from that make them a wise investment. […]

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How Does Window Tinting Actually Work?

Historically, window tint was known for being dark pieces of plastic that stuck to car windows but over the years has involved to be much more than that. The transparent pieces of adhesive film are creating using modern nanotechnology and have a plethora of benefits for cars, businesses, and even homes. History of Window Film […]

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Residential Window Film 101

Window film is extremely beneficial, but many people associate it with automobiles and aren’t aware it can also be installed on the windows in your home. Are you curious about residential window film for your home or want to know the benefits before installing it? We have the answers for you. What is it? Window […]

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