Common Questions About Window Film Answered

For some people, window film is straight forward but for others who don’t have experience with it in their home or business, the process of installing it can be confusing. We’ve taken some of our most commonly asked questions about window film and answered them below! Can I have window film installed on my home? […]

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Advantages of Glass Films for Storefronts

Maintaining a beautiful storefront that can withstand daily activity is a priority for many business and restaurant owners. One of the best ways to help prevent damage and keep the store looking in good condition is to use professional-grade window films. There are several great advantages to using glass films for storefronts that go beyond […]

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How Can I Protect My Business from Graffiti?

For Boston company owners, there is a price for everything connected to doing business. There are various factors that go into determining profit and loss. Regardless of where your business is located, a big concern is graffiti to storefronts or business windows. Sonny’s Glass Tinting knows how expensive it can be to remove graffiti. Because […]

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