Residential Window Film 101

Residential WindowsWindow film is extremely beneficial, but many people associate it with automobiles and aren’t aware it can also be installed on the windows in your home. Are you curious about residential window film for your home or want to know the benefits before installing it? We have the answers for you.

What is it?

Window film is a laminated film that is installed on the interior or exterior of a window that improves the look and performance of the window. One side of the film has adhesive backing on it to bond the laminate to the window, while the other side makes the glass resistant to scratches.

What are the benefits?

Since a majority of wall space in a home is taken up by windows, which are a poor insulator, installing window film can save you up to 50% on your energy bill for the year. In addition to energy savings, window film can reduce glare, block harmful UV Rays from entering your home, and reduce fading of furniture and flooring.

There are also security and mitigation film options, which will protect your home and your family from shards of glass if a window is broken.

What to Consider

Finding a window film that fits your unique needs is extremely important since there are so many options available. Before deciding on a window film, ask yourself these questions:

  • What problem are you trying to solve and what benefits are you seeking?
  • How do you want the window film to look?
  • Which rooms in your home do you want to install window film on?
  • What is your budget?

How is Window Film Installed?

Although it is possible to install window film yourself, the best results will be achieved by having a professional install it. This will allow you to obtain maximum coverage of the manufacturer’s warranty on the film and flawless installation.

How Long Does Window Film Last?

The average lifespan of window film is 15 years, but depending on the quality film you have installed and how it is maintained over the years can allow the lifespan of your film to exceed the average.

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