Sonny's Glass Tinting Saugus, MASonny’s Glass Tinting is New England’s leading installer of automotive, commercial and residential window films. Since 1968, we have been offering a wide array of design services to meet your specific security, decorative, and marketing needs. 

We  provide the following services to homes & businesses in the Boston area and beyond: 

Residential Window Films

Residential window films have a numerous benefits for homeowners. They add security to the home, protect the furniture within, and reduce energy bills thanks to their added thermal features. Sonny’s Glass Tinting has been trusted by homeowners for years to bring the best products & best service to their front door.

Commercial Window Films

Sonny’s Glass Tinting is proud to service businesses across Massachusetts with their window film & tinting needs. Commercial window films can mean anything from storefront decals to customized office partitions. For offices, window films can reduce glare, while glass films on partitions can be used as walls that don’t eliminate natural light from flowing through the space. Many retail spaces also use glass film for their storefront windows as permanent fixtures or to advertise temporary promotions. The art on window films or glass partitions can be designed to display your company’s logo or any other personalized element your workplace needs.

Safety & Security

Specialized glass films can be a security feature for homes, offices, or storefronts. Not only do they provide privacy for those within, security glass films can also be shatter resistant. This feature protects against loss & damage in the event of theft. It also allows stronger windows for areas prone to natural disasters or for schools that need added security.


If graffiti is a concern for your storefront, our glass films can help. Anti-graffiti glass films can be decorative or completely clear. These window films prevent damage in the form of scraping, shattering, and keying. The films are also removable & replaceable in the event of tagging with paint. No matter what someone does to your window, it can be protected the custom fitted films installed by a Sonny’s Glass Tinting professional.


Decorative window films allow the same visual elements as etched glass without the downsides. Like etched glass, decorative window films can come in custom designs and can be white frosted. Dust, dirt, & grime will eventually get into the cracks of etched glass and are extremely difficult to clean out. Window films require care and cleaning similar to plain glass windows – Even the ones that appear the same as etched glass!