Sonny’s Glass Tinting has been providing our clients with the industry’s top-quality glass film products for decades, and we are proud to now be a certified SolarGard Armorcoat dealer. With SolarGard window films, you’ll be able to preserve the natural light that comes through, while staying comfortable and protected in your home. Eliminating harmful rays from entering your building allows you to safely enjoy the sun without risking your skin’s health, fading your furniture, or increasing your energy usage! We offer a variety of SolarGard films for installation with our experienced team of professionals. 

SolarGard Products 

SolarGard offers an assortment of products according to your business’s needs. The team at Sonny’s Glass Tinting is happy to work with you to determine which glass film will best suit your home, business, or commercial space. The following are just some lines offered by SolarGard & available with Sonny’s Glass Tinting:

  • SolarGard Armorcoat offers the added benefit of security to all glass surfaces, acting shatter-resistant and reducing the risk for injury in the event of an emergency. 
  • With Hilite Window Films, you don’t have to worry about exposure from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Take comfort in knowing that these high-performance films will protect your family and your belongings.
  • Sterling Films offer very light to darker tints with excellent solar control. These films provide a reflective surface while disclosing levels of detectable light.
  • Installing Dual Reflective Panorama Slate Films provide a view with minimal internal and external reflectance.
  • 8 Mil Hilite Safety Films are designed for extra protection from vandalism to severe weather. These films offer excellent solar control while absorbing glass shards from accidents.

SolarGard Installation in Saugus, MA & Beyond

We are proud to be the top provider for all things glass film for Saugus, MA and beyond. Sonny’s Glass Tinting can do it all, from Boston skyrises to residential projects. Whether you are looking to increase security, save on energy, add style to your space, or all of the above, our professionals are ready to create your custom design. For a consultation, please call us at 781-233-3647