The Benefits of Security Window Film

Broken WindowWith various different types of window film on the market, it can be difficult for home and business owners to decide which types of film best suit their needs. With security window film, you get many of the benefits you see from traditional window films in addition to extra security to your property.

What is Security Window Film?

Security window film is a virtually undetectable film that is applied to your windows to reduce the risk of property damage from crime as well as reduce the risk of injury from broken glass. Once applied, the window film acts as a giant adhesive bandage and holds the glass together preventing it from shattering if there is any blunt force trauma to the glass. Security film can also protect the inside of a building as well as the people in it from extreme conditions including bomb and blast hazards.

What Are the Benefits?

When making the decision to install security film in your home or business, consider these benefits:

Cost – Many home and business owners will opt for tempered glass windows over security window film, although security window film is much more cost effective. Security window film can also be installed on older windows, meaning you’ll save money from not requiring removal of your old windows.

Additional Security – Alarms rarely deter an intruder from entering your home but security film on your windows has a bigger impact. some alarm systems which detect sounds can hear the breaking glass and loud impact as the intruder tries to enter the space leading to more time to notify the authorities to come and inspect the home or business and potentially catch them in the act.

Reduce Injury – When glass shatters it can be extremely dangerous to humans and pets that come in contact with it. Since security window film acts similar to an adhesive bandage and prevents the glass from shattering and glass flying everywhere after a blow.

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