The Benefits of Storefront Window Films

Glass films are a smart choice when it comes to residences, offices, and businesses alike. For storefronts, window films offer a multitude of benefits. Glass films give businesses a chance to enhance branding, increase security, preserve resources, & more. Are you using your business’s glass space to enhance your location? Here’s why your storefront needs professional grade window films.

Branding Potential

Don’t let the glass on the front of your business remain a blank slate – This space should scream your brand! You can get professional custom made glass films crafted to include your business logo, name, services, images, & more. Your business can also switch out window films depending on seasons, specials, or rebrands. With the right professional, your glass film can be whatever you want it to be, and your windows can be used to catch the attention of the passerby. If you want to maintain the transparency of your windows, films can also be catered to this look.

Added Security

Window films can add security to protect against threats that could harm your business. In the event of a natural disaster, glass film will make your windows more durable against the elements. Along with this durability comes the element of shatter resistance – This will make it more difficult for thieves to break in through your windows. In the event of an accident, shatter resistance means that less glass shard related injuries will occur. Window films can also be made to prevent those on the outside from seeing in the store to further reduce the chance of theft.

Graffiti Prevention

Along with security from thieves, window films protect you from the threat of graffiti. This includes taggers, key lines, rocks, and other forms of scratching or defacing. In the event of these attacks, glass films preserve the glass underneath. If something damages the window film, the film can be removed & replaced, and the glass underneath will not be damaged.

Energy Cost Reductions

Professional grade window films can contain a thermal layer that preserves the temperature inside. This will reduce your business’s monthly energy bill whether it is time for heating or air conditioning. It also means less maintenance work or replacements required for your HVAC system because it won’t be working as hard. The temperature sealing feature of glass films is especially favorable if the windows of your business location are old & drafty – You will get the added insulation without a costly window replacement.

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