The Best Types of Window Film for Commercial Buildings

As your strongest marketing tool, the windows of your business can tell your customers and potential customers a lot about your company as well as create curb appeal. With so many types, it’s important to consider the different types of window film options that are available and the perks of each.

When choosing a window film for your commercial building, consider the following:

commercial building enteranceDecorative

Decorative window film can be utilized both on the interior and exterior of your commercial building and is the best way to increase curb appeal. Choose between different fonts, colors, shade, and style to help create a decorative accent. Utilizing your businesses logo in the design can help carry your branding throughout the property.


Safety and security films can deter the wandering eye as well as protect your business and employees from damage due to broken glass. Once the safety/security film is applied to h window, it will hold the glass together like a giant bandage, preventing it from shattering from even the most extreme conditions. This will eliminate the risk of glass shards from damaging your property and your employees.


Have the windows of your commercial property been vandalized before? Graffiti proof window film will help protect your windows and will prevent costly repairs. Already have graffiti window film but recently experienced vandalism? We will simply peel it back and replace the film and your windows will be left unharmed!

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