Ways to Add Style To An Office With Frosted Glass

Glass films are an excellent choice for office decor, but you might be stuck on exactly what the perfect design for your company is. You can choose to add branding, creativity, or order to the feel of your office. Here are some remarkably executed ideas straight from us glass tinting professionals!

Branded Decor

Glass films are the perfect opportunity to add some branding to your space. Whether you choose to incorporate your logo or your company’s core values, this is a great way to make use of a blank office partition and add some spirit to your space. This touch will also make an impact on visiting clients!

Abstract Design

Abstract designs are the perfect solution when you are looking to add inspiration & visual stimulation to an office. This may be a top choice for an office with a more creative atmosphere. It is also a subtle way to incorporate brand colors into your decor!

Structured Design

Clean straight lines and boxes are popular for office partitions because they are decorative without being distracting. These designs are an excellent addition to a corporate, financial, or legal office that has an emphasis on structure.

Business Related Content

If your business has a heavy emphasis on your geographic location, a frost in the form of a city map or skyline is a unique feature. Anything else your brand focuses on can become a focal point of your location – Nature, science, & more!

To work step by step with a team of professional designers & installers for all of these glass tinting ideas and more, contact Sonny’s Glass Tinting today!¬†

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