What Happens if my Automotive Window Tint is too Dark?

While automotive window tinting is beneficial in various ways, there are various things Boston drivers should consider. What can happen if your tint is too dark and how dark is too dark?

  • Usually, when you come up to a four way stop, drivers will look over at each other and one of them will signal to let the other driver go. With a dark automotive window tint, other drivers will be unable to see you. This can cause confusion and in some cases, accidents.
  • Too dark of an automotive window tint can impair your eyesight while driving at night. Some even compare it to driving with sunglasses on. Too dark of a tint can make it difficult to see pedestrians, traffic signs and other details that protect you and others from harm.
  • When it comes to automotive window tint, almost every state has a different law about it. There are some states that allow any amount of tint, while others have strict rules about the darkness. Another thing to consider, if you tint your passenger windows in a state that allows it, but travel to a state that doesn’t, you might find yourself leaving with a ticket. It’s important to learn the law before automotive window tinting.

By having automotive window tinting done, you are giving yourself more privacy and hiding possessions you may have in your car. If you are interested in our automotive window tinting services, contact Sonny’s Glass Tinting at 781-233-3647 or by filling out our contact form.

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