Why Should I Hire a Professional to Tint my car Windows?

Tinting your automobile’s windows in an excellent way to reduce glares & the interior of your car. Drivers usually have two options for car window tinting: DIY or hiring a professional. While the DIY approach is cheaper, it will pay off to hire a professional like Sonny’s Glass Tinting to do the job.

  • Most cities & states have tinting regulations on how dark your windows can be for the safety of officers during traffic stops. Our team of professionals is up to date on these specific regulations while DIY kits aren’t reliable.
  • If you take the DIY approach & don’t do it correctly you’ll just try it again, right? Not exactly. The removal of window film is more challenging than the act of applying it.
  • Most of the time, DIY automotive window film is flimsy & unpredictable compared to the higher grade of film Sonny’s Glass uses. We use a higher grade of automotive window film that is installed without air bubbles or creases.

To avoid these hassles, hire a team of professionals, like Sonny’s Glass Tinting, to install your automotive window film. To learn more about our car window tinting services, contact us at 781-233-3647.

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