Why You Should Consider Decorative Glass Films

Professionally designed & installed decorative film on glass windows, walls, & doors creates a unique aesthetic for any home, office space, or business. This customizable approach to design has numerous benefits, especially when compared to alternatives such as etched glass. With professional design & installation, window films are high quality in appearance and long lasting. Check out these reasons why you should choose decorative window film for your space’s next design change!

Easy to Clean

Tidiness should be a top priority for most homes, offices, & businesses. A clean business or office space creates industry trust & professionalism. Nothing is a better or more noticeable demonstration of cleanliness than clean glass doors, walls, & windows. Unfortunately, dirt & dust can collect quickly in the creases of textured glass. This buildup can be difficult to clean thoroughly and adds to the regular maintenance required for your space. Frosted window films create the same appearance as textured films, but are easier to clean & maintain!

Cost Effective

Decorative glass films are a low cost alternative to more expensive customized glass options, including etched glass.  It can also be a cost effective way of adding privacy & security to a space while incorporating an element of design. Along with adding low cost security benefits, glass films on windows can lower your energy usage by adding an extra layer of insulation from the outside heat or cold.

Fully Customized

Window films are a creative way to add a new design element to your space. Whether you want to add your own logo, a map, or an abstract design, your glass film can be anything you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be just black or white either! Professional grade window films can be created in an array of colors & texture appearances. A decorative glass film could be the next eye catching move design element your office needs.


We know you will love your decorative window film, but when you decide it’s time for a change, window films are completely removable. When you choose a trusted glass tinting professional for installation & removal, both sides of the process are simplified. You can either choose to install a new window film or go back to your original glass look – Either way, the glass of the original window underneath will not be damaged in any way.

If you are looking for a custom glass film to be professionally designed & installed to your residence or business, contact us at Sonny’s Glass Tinting!

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